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Reghan Brandt’s 3 Non-Negotiables

“I want to leave you guys with some items that you can maybe take back to your companies and corporations, you know, InsureTech startups, venture groups to make things better. So, one of the ones that I always like to talk about is take damn action. You know, everyone likes to have meetings, everyone likes to think about things, but the only way we're all going to get better is by actually doing something and taking action...”

One of our expert speakers at Insurtech Boston ’23 was Reghan Brandt, Founder of LRP, The Loss Run Pros. In her session, she covered non-negotiables that you should have in your work life to make yourself and your company better. Here are some of her non-negotiables:

  1. Make 20 Cold Calls
    Every day I'm in the office, I make 20 cold calls. I still do that. I have done that since 2008. It may be to potential employees, it may be to potential investors, it might be to potential clients, and I know if I set aside my one hour to make my 20 cold calls in one year, my company is going to be better than it is today.

  2. Find Good Mentors
    I really believe that finding mentors who you can be vulnerable with, trust and can actually lay your ego on the line and work with are incredibly important. And so, I would ask anyone who's been in this industry a long time today, if you're willing to be someone's mentor, let them actually know it, verbalize it. If you're a young person in this industry, be aggressive with your mentors. Find out how often they are willing to meet with you, get it on the calendar and make sure they know how valuable their relationship is.

  3. Follow Your Intuition
    One person can make your company incredibly valuable. Be that one person. So, stop settling for the status quo, follow your intuition, and it's going to lead you to greatness for yourself.

Get more great tips in person at Insurtech Boston ’24 on May 7!


Standard Tips to Build Better Partnerships with Agencies

“Finding those strategic partnerships that are willing to invest their time to help you make your company better and more efficient and bring better value to the industry is just hugely important. I love doing that. It's my favorite part of my job.”

One of our expert speakers at Insurtech Boston ’23 was Kylie Hubbard, director of innovation at INSURICA. In her session, she covered tips on how to build better agent partnerships, including:

  1. Remember, Insurance Is a Relationship Business
    I don't think that's going away anytime soon and building good partnerships with champions and strategic people is just going to help you build your business incredibly well.

  2. Understand Your Target Audience
    Know your audience in terms of what their capabilities are. Know what their technology funds are, and know what kind of things they're looking at or investing in. You can go to their blogs and their websites. If they're doing something in Insurtech or innovation, they will be talking about it. Agents have to be really intentional about who we work with.

  3. Make Your Values Clear
    You know your roadmap and your plan. We understand that things evolve. This industry continuously evolves. But your purpose shouldn't evolve. What you're trying to solve should remain the same. So just be really cautious about overpromising or underdelivering. Be clear about what your current capabilities are versus what you want to do in the future.

Get more great tips in person at Insurtech Boston ’24 on May 7!